Sunday, February 28, 2010

99- The Quake (Al-Zalzalah) - Al Quran

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
[99:1] When the earth is severely quaked.
[99:2] And the earth ejects its loads.
[99:3] The human will wonder: "What is happening?"
[99:4] On that day, it will tell its news.
[99:5] That your Lord has commanded it.
[99:6] On that day, the people will issue from every direction, to be shown their works.
[99:7] Whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it.
[99:8] And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it.

mstw;w mUshsDk; epfuw;w md;GilNahDkhfpa my;yh`;tpd; jpUg;ngauhy;(Jtq;Ffpd;Nwd;)
99:1. G+kp ngUk; mjpHr;rpahf - mjpHr;rp milAk; NghJ
99:2. ,d;Dk;> G+kp jd; Rikfis ntspg;gLj;Jk; NghJ-
99:3. ''mjw;F vd;d NeHe;jJ?"" vd;W kdpjd; Nfl;Fk; NghJ-
99:4. me;ehspy;> mJ jd; nra;jpfis mwptpf;Fk;.
99:5. (mt;thW mwptpf;FkhW) ck;Kila ,iwtd; mjw;F t`P %yk; mwpj;jjdhy;.
99:6. me;ehspy;> kf;fs; jq;fs; tpidfs; fhz;gpf;fg;gLk; nghUl;L> gy gphptpdHfshfg; gphpe;J tUthHfs;.
99:7. vdNt> vtH XH mZtsT ed;ik nra;jpUe;jhYk; mj(w;Fhpa gy)id mtH fz;L nfhs;thH.
99:8. md;wpAk;> vtd; XH mDtsT jPik nra;jpUe;jhYk;> m(jw;Fhpa gy)idAk; mtd; fz;L nfhs;thd;.

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